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We have been helping people who have issues on their credit reports and credit card accounts with:

• Fixing identity theft on credit reports
• Getting fraudulent charges removed from credit cards
• Clean up credit reports from errors (We will review your reports for free and find the mistakes you did not even know about)
• Stop Debt collectors

We charge you Nothing out of Pocket

Under the law, we can (and do) collect our fees and costs from the defendants that we sue. This is how we have delivered successful results to our clients without it costing them anything from their pockets.

Fix issues on your credit report free Columbus Ohio
Stop debt collector calls and harassment Cleveland Ohio

stop debt collectors
& make them pay you

At Law Offices of Gary D. Nitzkin, P.C., we stop debt collectors from harassing you, and pay you damages. We also make them pay our fees and costs. Just because you owe money does not give anyone an excuse to bully you. The debt collector harassment stops HERE and NOW.

We fix credit reports damaged by Identity theft

It’s not a matter of if…only a matter of when. Identity theft has been the fastest growing crime in the United States for many years now. We know. We have cleaned up thousands of credit reports for identity theft victims. People become victims at the hands of not only strangers, but friends and family.

credit repair services
stop debt collectors

We can help you get Fraudulent charges removed from your credit card account.

We Midwesterners pay our bills and mind our business. However, we don’t like being charged for things that we did not receive, did not authorize or worse yet, rejected because what was sold to us is different than what was delivered.


Contact Attorney Gary Nitzkin today and fix errors and mistakes on credit reports for free

Gar Nitzkin (licensed in Michigan only) has focused the firm on helping people fix their credit reports at no out of pocket cost to its clients. Gary’s firm has been around since 1990, he has been focused on fixing credit reports since 2008. Using the Fair Credit Reporting Act, he and his firm have been able to fix thousands of credit reports all at no out of pocket charge to his clients.

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