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Welcome to Ohio Credit Lawyers We are a law firm that provides credit repair services and fix credit reports at at no out of pocket cost to you. We also stop debt collector harassment at no charge to you. Now serving the citizens of Ohio.

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    credit repair services

    Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), the defendants are responsible for the fees and costs in any successful action. TThis is how the firm has delivered credit repair services at no out of pocket charge to its clients to thousands and thousands of happy clients. We have been fixing credit reports for free since 2008.

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    Fix issues on your credit report free Columbus Ohio
    Stop debt collector calls and harassment Cleveland Ohio

    stop debt collectors
    & make them pay you

    At Ohio Credit Lawyers, we stop debt collectors from harassing you, and pay you damages. We also make them pay our fees and costs. Just because you owe money does not give anyone an excuse to bully you. The debt collector harassment stops HERE and NOW.

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    Contact Ohio Credit Lawyers today and fix errors and mistakes on credit reports for free

    Ohio Credit Lawyers has focused the firm on helping people fix their credit reports at no out of pocket cost to its clients. The firm has been around since 1990, he has been focused on fixing credit reports since 2008. Using the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Credit Lawyers of America have been able to fix thousands of credit reports all at no out of pocket charge to his clients.

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