Credit Report Issues

You may have credit report issues without you even knowing

In fact, 80% of all credit reports contain some error or mistake on them.
As a result, half of those errors and mistakes are enough to depress your credit score.

Are you one of the millions of Americans with a damaged credit report?

We can fix credit report issues.

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What causes errors or mistakes on credit reports?

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What can you do if your credit report is damaged by errors or mistakes?

Fight back with a Free Credit Repair Lawyer

We have been fixing credit reports for free since 2008. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the defendants have to pay our fees and costs in any successful action. For this reason, our clients do not pay us; the defendants have to.

If you want to check your credit report, you can get a free pull of your credit reports from all 3 major credit reporting agencies at This is the only government sanctioned website. Pull your reports and lets review them together.

Learn More About Free Credit Repair

If your credit report has been damaged by errors or mistakes, or if you are unsure how to read your credit reports, call us for a free, no obligation consultation. Call us at 216-358-0591 or email us at

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