Bankruptcy Attorneys don’t mean to lie to their consumer clients, but many of them do.  “With bankruptcy, you will get a fresh financial start” many of them proudly proclaim and even post that buzz phrase on their websites.  “Get a Fresh Financial Start.”  Here is the problem.  Many times, it does not give people a fresh financial start.  Why not?  Because they don’t bother to look at their client’s credit reports which often times reveal that creditors and debt collectors continue to report inaccurate and harmful information.

People who file for bankruptcy often have inaccurate information damaging their credit report.

After reviewing literally thousands of credit reports over the years, here are some of the most glaring illegal items that plague consumer credit reports for those have filed for bankruptcy:


  1. Mortgage lenders like Bank of America and Wells Fargo zero out the balance due on tradelines after someone files for bankruptcy. You may think that that’s a good thing, but here is why its not.  A whopping 35% of your credit score is made up of timely made payments.  If you want to keep your house after you file for bankruptcy, you must continue to make payments to your mortgage lender.  By wiping out the current balance due, there is no way to report the consumer’s timely made payments.  Instead of the consumer’s credit score increasing with each timely made payment, the credit score is unaffected.  This is cheating the consumer.
  2. Creditors continuing to report a late status on accounts. Once you file for bankruptcy, the account’s current status should be reported as “included in bankruptcy” and ultimately “discharged in bankruptcy.”  Reporting anything else such as 30, 60 or 90+ days late conveys a false impression that the consumer still owes the debt.  Worse yet, these late reportings drag the credit score down horribly.
  3. Debt collectors and Debt Buyers continuing to report collection items without flagging them as “included in bankruptcy.” Again, these convey a false impression that a debt is still owed by the consumer and is not affected by the bankruptcy.  Worse yet is when the debt collector or debt buyer flags the account as “charged off” or “written off” because that is very damaging to a credit score.

We now file bankruptcies for consumers because we are one of the few attorneys that truly provide a true Financial Fresh Start

We have seen far more inaccurate information reported by lenders and creditors than one would expect.  Sadly, we have also seen a great deal of inaction by Bankruptcy attorneys to this issue.  What good is a discharge of your debts if you still cannot get a car, an apartment or credit?  Unfortunately, this is what many bankruptcy attorneys call a Financial Fresh Start.  We think differently.  Let us review your situation with you for free.  We are happy to have a free, no obligation consultation with you to see if you should file for bankruptcy, settle your debts or do nothing for the time being.  We truly want what’s best for you.

Get a true Financial Fresh start

If you do hire us to file a bankruptcy for you, you can be sure that we will give you a true financial fresh start.  We will review your credit reports at no additional charge, to make sure that they are accurate and complete.  We also have a free Auto Pilot program where we can obtain your credit reports every few months and make sure that they stay clean and accurate.

Call us today to see whether you should file for bankruptcy or not.

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